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You have to register for the CIS if you are registered as self-employed, form part of a partnership or own a limited company and are working for a contractor or as a contractor.

This has to be done by law but the complexities surrounding it might leave you feeling as though you are not sure what steps to take. With us by your side, you can be sure that you register and make the right deductions and pay the correct returns. We can manage the verification of subcontractors’ registration through to submitting your returns and understanding your tax dedication rates.

We make it possible for you to gain clarity and understand what’s involved. However, we are ready to handle the process for you for an affordable fee, giving you one less thing to worry about.

CIS Returns

Under the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS), the contractors make a deduction from the subcontractors. As a self-employed, partnership, or owner of a limited company, working for a contractor or working as a contractor, you must register for the CIS. Good Accountant Ltd can handle everything from verifying subcontractors’ registration status to determining their tax deduction rates to submitting monthly CIS tax returns.

We are familiar with all the work, have helped a dozen subcontractors with their tax matters, and would be happy to talk you through what is required. Failing to submit your CIS tax returns and monthly figures to HMRC leads to financial penalties that Good Accountant Ltd in Manchester, save you from. We make sure all your returns are correct and submitted on time.

Our team also works with you to clear any queries from HMRC efficiently. We stay aware of all the CIS legislation changes that will automatically be implemented.

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