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Self Assessment Tax Return is included in all our accounting packages.               

Filing your annual self-assessment tax return can seem very difficult. Having an accounting expert who submit your return on your behalf can provide you peace of mind.

What is Self Assessment Tax Return?

HM Revenue and Customs uses the Self Assessment system to collect income tax.

Tax is usually deducted from wages, savings, and pensions automatically. Any additional income must be reported in a self-assessment tax return by individuals, self-employed, and businesses.

The 31 January deadline is when you must file your self-assessment tax return and pay your yearly tax obligation. Unfortunately, HMRC may impose fines and interest if your tax return is not submitted on time. Therefore it’s crucial to make plans early on to guarantee that the self assessment tax return is finished on time.


Being organised with your tax issues has the additional big benefit of allowing you to pay your balance to HMRC with plenty of time to spare because you will know how much tax is owed in advance.

Here at Good Accountant, we have a simple way of getting self-assessment tax returns filed. All you need to do is follow our step-by-step process and we’ll have your tax return filed before you know it.

How does this work:

  1. Fill out the contact form and submit it.
  2. We will send you our Self-Assessment Questionnaire to fill out.
  3. We will get your info, prepare your tax return, and send it to you to review.
  4. We file your tax return online with HMRC

Self Assessment Pricing

Number of IncomesOur one-off fees
1 - 2 £75

For this fixed fee:

Your tax return will be submitted electronically to HMRC.

All forms of income and relief will be taken into account, including salary, self-employment income, rent, dividends, interest, pension, donations, gifts, capital gains and losses, and overseas income.

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